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Best bath traditions

Thermal baths in Parklane Wellness&SPA unite the best traditions of western, eastern and Russian bath experience. Apart from 4 types of bathrooms – Fir (Siberian), Alpine, Turkish and Russian – Thermal&SPA is equipped with an ice fountain producing soft ice which is delicate to skin as well as showers of impressions – one with warm programs and the other with cold ones. Soothing sounds, invigorating aromas and relaxing touches.  Treatments that heal, programs that energize and sessions designed to build closer relationships. All paths lead to one common place: a state of peace, health and well-being

Fir (Siberian) bath
The only fir bath in St Petersburg. It heals with infrared rays and air saturated with natural fir essential oils. The bath is decorated with New Zealand thermos pine. It provides numerous benefits: reduction of stress, elimination of toxins, soothes muscles, improves blood circulation, considerably improves quality of sleep, strengthens the immune system. Temperature in the fir bath is 42-45C.
Alpine sauna
Alpine sauna herbal aroma eliminates toxicity allowing the body to enter a state of release. Sauna differs from the Finnish one by a lower temperature (up to 85С) and natural herb scents. Alpine sauna is beneficial for bones, refreshes and energizes. The sauna is designed in modern style featured with natural stone and relaxing lights.
Turkish bath
Turkish bath refreshes – deep cleans and moisturizes the skin for a healthy glow. Steam relaxes tight, overworked muscles, reduces aches and pains in joints and relieves congestion. Experience the atmosphere of tranquility and solitude in warmed mosaic armchairs and sofas. The temperature of 45-50C and 100% humidity respond to Turkish bath traditions.
Russian bath
It is proved that Russian bath boosts blood circulation, enhances metabolism, is beneficial for the immune system. Its characteristic features are high temperature (70-90C) and rather high humidity (15-30%). There is a separate area for a bath with brooms and ice cold shower.
Bath with brooms
Air temperature 80-90°C Humidity 40-60%
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A visit to SPA is a gift for each of us, it is a precious time of care for our beauty and health. Buying a gift certificate to Parklane Wellness&spa, you may be sure that you present your dearest one with positive emotions and an opportunity to indulge in the atmosphere of harmony and balance in the heart of a big city. You may opt for a gift certificate of any value or choose the certain SPA programs.

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