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Massage in Parklane Wellness&spa

Traditional, classic and modern massage techniques

Massage is one of the most ancient methods of wellness and beauty rejuvenating retreat to harmonize our body and mind. Massage boosts metabolism, beautifies the skin, strengthens blood vessels and the heart, brings peace and comfort to our mind. Experienced specialists at Parklane Wellness&SPA follow different massage schools and practice various techniques: classic wellness and sports massage, beauty rejuvenating and relaxing programs, Yumeiho and visceral therapy.

Classic, wellness and sports massage

Neck-collar massage (30 minutes)
3 000 RUB

Back massage (30 minutes)
3 000 RUB

Legs massage (30 minutes)
3 000 RUB

Body massage (60 minutes)
4 600 RUB

Body massage (90 minutes)
6 200 RUB

Sports massage (60 minutes)
4 600 RUB

Beauty rejuvenating programs

Anti-cellulite massage with activator (60 minutes)
5 500 RUB

Lymphatic drainage massage (detox) (60 minutes)
5 500 RUB

Mindful massages

Relaxing massage (60 minutes)
4 500 RUB

Relaxing massage (90 minutes)
5 900 RUB

Aroma-massage (60 minutes)
5 500 RUB

Gift certificate
Embrace your close people with your care

A visit to SPA is a gift for each of us, it is a precious time of care for our beauty and health. Buying a gift certificate to Parklane Wellness&spa, you may be sure that you present your dearest one with positive emotions and an opportunity to indulge in the atmosphere of harmony and balance in the heart of a big city. You may opt for a gift certificate of any value or choose the certain SPA programs.

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