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I hereby consent to processing my personal data entered (placed) upon registration at the website of Parklane LLC to Parklane Limited Liability Company (9A, Ryukhina Street, Saint Petersburg, 197110, Russia, Primary National Registration Number 1167847069367). I also hereby confirm that I consent to processing my personal data acting of my own free will and in my own interest. I hereby agree that I give my consent to processing my personal data for the purpose of booking an accommodation at the Parklane Resort and Spa.

The information placed upon registration at shall be deemed personal data.

This consent is granted for all purposes related to personal data that are necessary or desirable for the achievement of the above purpose, including but not limited to collection, systematization, acquisition, storage, improvement (update, alteration), exploitation, distribution, including transfer, depersonalization, blocking, annihilation, cross-border transfer and any actions related to my personal data in compliance with the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation on guarantee of confidentiality of personal data and safe processing of personal data.

Data processing is carried out by Parklane LLC with the use of automatic means, including the use of information technologies and technical means, information-computer complexes and networks, means and systems of transfer, recording and processing of personal data (systems and means of audio recording, sound amplification, systems of sound reproduction, intercommunication and televisional equipment, means of documents processing and distribution and other technical means of speech, graphical information, video and alphanumeric information), software (operational systems, data base management systems) applied in information management systems, or without the use of means of automatic processing. This consent to processing of my personal data is granted for and indefinite period and may be revoked by way of application in writing sent to the abovementioned address of Parklane LLC. I hereby confirm that I have been fully acquainted with my rights and obligations under the Federal Law "On Personal Data, including the procedure of withdrawal of consent to process my personal data.

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