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A dosed workout in the gym, an individual lesson with an instructor, a restorative swim in the pool, a visit to the sauna - a great start or end to your day in Wellness style. AQUA&SPORT&THERMAL complex Parklane has modern gyms, three swimming pools, a Finnish sauna and a Turkish bath.

Dear guests, please note that a visit to the AQUA zone is carried out for an additional fee and by appointment!

24-meters’ swimming pool

The 24-meters’ swimming pool with 4 swimming lines is perfect both for workout and rest. There is a big relax zone in the pool with air massage lounges, hydro massage, waterfalls and resistance jets. The water temperature is + 28°C.

Aqua center and kids’ pool

A visit to the Aqua center providing chromic therapy is a wonderful opportunity to relax and to recharge batteries after a busy day. Chromic therapy is a prophylactic method which affects the human body by means of light and color. It balances "energy" lacking from a person's body, whether it be on physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental levels. The pool is equipped with air and hydro massage. The water temperature is + 37–38°C.

The pool for kids is 60 cm deep, with water of + 34°C. The Aqua centre staff is ready to offer children toys and sleeves for safe swimming.


Top Technogym simulators (Italy) – ARTIS series.

For cardio workout, there are 4 treadmills, Vario and Synchro machines and two bicycle egrometers (horizontal and vertical). All cardio simulators are equipped with sensor displays connected to Wi-Fi and TV. Weight lifting machines provide exercising for all groups of muscles.

There are sensor displays on all simulators to control workout process and to personalize it.

Mind&Body hall

The hall for individual workout is equipped with stretching machines and Omnia simulator giving endless opportunities to exercise in different ways – to boost strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, coordination, and speed.

The hall for workout in groups is designed to exercise in small numbers following the individual approach concept.

Finnish sauna and Turkish bath

There are two types of steam baths in the Aqua center – Finnish sauna and Turkish bath.

The temperature in the Finnish sauna is 95C. The sauna room is decorated with high quality alder. The Turkish bath (temperature 45–50°C, humidity 100%) is designed in the modern style with traditional technologies of steam supply and aroma therapy.

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A visit to SPA is a gift for each of us, it is a precious time of care for our beauty and health. Buying a gift certificate to Parklane Wellness&spa, you may be sure that you present your dearest one with positive emotions and an opportunity to indulge in the atmosphere of harmony and balance in the heart of a big city. You may opt for a gift certificate of any value or choose the certain SPA programs.

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